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6ft Jumper Cord – Black

Original price was: $4.79.Current price is: $2.99.

Introducing the practical 6ft Jumper Cord in classic black, available as a single plug and in a quantity of 24. This cord is a versatile solution for your lighting and extension needs, falling under our Accessories > Extensions category. The 6ft Jumper Cord not only extends your lighting reach but also provides a reliable connection. Additionally, this package is a cost-effective and convenient option for both indoor and outdoor lighting setups. Moreover, the 6ft Jumper Cord – Black can be a crucial addition to your lighting project, ensuring that power and illumination are seamlessly distributed throughout your space, making it an essential component for your lighting needs.

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Jumper Cord 6′ – Black; 22 AWG (Polybag)

The 6ft Jumper Cord in classic Black, a versatile solution that will simplify your holiday lighting setup. This 22 AWG cord is your go-to accessory when it comes to extending your Christmas lights, and it offers a range of practical features to make your decorating experience seamless.
Transitioning to the specifics, this 6ft Jumper Cord is a must-have from our Accessories > Extensions collection. Its length is just right for bridging the gaps between your light displays, ensuring that every nook and cranny is beautifully illuminated. The 22 AWG gauge ensures efficient power transmission, so your lights will shine brightly and consistently.
The sleek Black color of the cord allows it to blend discreetly with your decor, making it a subtle addition to your setup. Whether you’re decorating your Christmas tree, your outdoor display, or any part of your home, this Jumper Cord will keep the focus on your beautiful lights.
Its versatility is another key selling point. This cord can be used with a variety of Christmas light strings, making it a valuable accessory in your holiday decorating toolkit. What’s more, it’s easy to install – simply plug it in and extend your light strings effortlessly.
This 6ft Jumper Cord comes in a convenient polybag, which ensures it’s protected and ready for use as soon as it arrives at your door. No need to fumble around with complicated installations or worry about tangled cords; this cord simplifies your lighting arrangement.
In summary, our 6ft Jumper Cord in Black is the practical, versatile solution you need to extend and connect your Christmas lights with ease. It’s a functional accessory designed to make your holiday decorating experience smoother, allowing you to create a festive ambiance that will leave everyone in awe. Make your holiday season brighter and hassle-free with this essential extension cord.

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6ft Jumper Cord – Black
Original price was: $4.79.Current price is: $2.99.
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