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50ft Single Plug Extension Cord

Original price was: $28.34.Current price is: $21.99.

Presenting the 50ft Single Plug Extension Cord, a must-have for holiday lighting installers. This green outdoor extension cord is designed for versatility and safety, featuring a grounded male plug. With specifications of 13A, 125V, and 1625 watts, it’s the perfect fit for your holiday lighting projects. Each package includes a quantity of six extension cords, ensuring you have the necessary length to illuminate your space with ease. In addition, the 50ft Single Plug Extension Cord, available in the Accessories > Extensions category, offers both convenience and reliability for your outdoor or indoor lighting needs. Furthermore, it’s the ideal solution to power your holiday displays, providing ample reach and safety for a successful installation.

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Green outdoor extension cord with a grounded male plug for extra safety. Perfect fit for every holiday lighting installer

• UL Rating Cord

• 16 gauge

• Medium Duty Cord

Introducing our 50ft Single Plug Extension Cord, a must-have accessory for your holiday lighting needs. When it comes to setting up your Christmas lights and outdoor decorations, safety and convenience are paramount.
Transitioning to the specifics, this green outdoor extension cord is designed with safety in mind, featuring a grounded male plug that ensures secure connections for your holiday lighting installations. This cord is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, making it the perfect fit for both residential and commercial use.
The cord boasts a UL Rating, offering peace of mind that it meets stringent safety and quality standards. It’s built with a 16-gauge wire, providing reliable performance for your medium-duty power needs. Whether you’re illuminating your home with festive lights or powering various outdoor devices, this extension cord is up to the task.
Additionally, the 50ft length provides ample reach, allowing you to easily connect your lights and decorations even when your power source is further away. No need to worry about insufficient cord length or the hassles of multiple extension cords.
In conclusion, our 50ft Single Plug Extension Cord is the solution you’ve been searching for to streamline your holiday lighting installations. With its grounded male plug, durable construction, and generous length, it’s a versatile and safe choice for all your outdoor lighting and power needs.
So why wait? Make your holiday setup more convenient and reliable with this essential extension cord. Order yours today from our Accessories > Extensions collection and prepare to create a beautifully illuminated and stress-free holiday display.

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50ft Single Plug Extension Cord
Original price was: $28.34.Current price is: $21.99.
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