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C7 Cord Green – 12″ Spacing 1000′ Spool

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The versatile C7 Cord Green with 12″ Spacing on a 1000′ Spool, a fantastic solution to customize your lighting sets for any occasion. This spool is ideal for creating commercial-grade light displays for your home or business. With the flexibility to craft your desired color combinations, the C7 stringer wire offers a high-quality solution for all your lighting needs. Moreover, it ensures durability and longevity in various settings, from holiday decorations to year-round outdoor displays. Additionally, our Wire Spool Connectors, available in the Wire Spools category, seamlessly connect your lighting, making installation a breeze. This comprehensive setup guarantees a vibrant and reliable lighting experience, tailored to your preferences.

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100′ green wire with 100 C7 sockets

12″ Spacing between sockets

Introducing our versatile C7 Cord Green on a 1000′ Spool, a fantastic solution for your holiday lighting needs. This product is part of our Wire Spool Connectors > Wire Spools collection, designed to simplify your decorative lighting projects.
This wire spool boasts a remarkable 100′ of green wire equipped with 100 C7 sockets. The 12″ spacing between sockets ensures that your lighting arrangement is evenly distributed and brilliantly illuminates your chosen space.
Whether you’re decorating your home’s interior with a warm and welcoming glow or adding a captivating radiance to your outdoor landscape, this C7 Cord Green on a 1000′ Spool offers you the freedom and flexibility to bring your creative vision to life. The long length of this spool ensures that you have more than enough wire to work with, making it suitable for larger decorating projects.
One of the notable benefits of this green cord is its ability to blend seamlessly with your foliage or Christmas tree, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your display. Its green color ensures that it can harmonize with your decor, allowing the lights themselves to shine as the main attraction.
Additionally, the 100 C7 sockets mean that you can adorn your wire with a significant number of bulbs, resulting in a captivating and radiant lighting display. This wire spool simplifies your installation process, making it more efficient and saving you time and effort.
In conclusion, the C7 Cord Green on a 1000′ Spool is a practical and versatile choice for all your holiday lighting endeavors. This product is designed to streamline your decorating process, allowing you to achieve professional-quality lighting displays with ease. Enjoy the freedom to be creative and illuminate your holiday season in style with this convenient and durable wire spool.

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