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LED 12-7.5″ RGB Sphere

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Presenting our captivating LED 12-7.5″ RGB Sphere, a luminous highlight from our Spritzer/ Lawn Decor > Spheres collection. This spherical masterpiece brings a burst of vibrant colors to your holiday decorations. With its RGB lighting, you have the power to create a dynamic and festive atmosphere that will enchant your surroundings. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this sphere is designed to make your Christmas celebrations truly memorable. Elevate your decor and infuse it with a captivating radiance, as you explore the endless possibilities of lighting and ambiance with this extraordinary addition to your festive setup.

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Create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere with our LED 12-7.5″ RGB Sphere. This 12-inch sphere is adorned with remote-controlled RGB lights, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colors to suit your festive mood. It’s a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor displays, adding a touch of excitement and enchantment. The LED 12-7.5″ RGB Sphere spreads joy and cheer, making it ideal for holiday celebrations and special events. Use it in your garden, on your porch, or as part of your indoor decor to make your holidays special with this dynamic sphere.

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