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Male Slide Plug Green

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Discover the convenience of the Male Slide Plug, specially designed for use with C7 and C9 cords. This efficient Male Slide Plug in vibrant green ensures a secure and hassle-free connection, making it a must-have accessory for your lighting setup. Whether you’re setting up festive outdoor decorations or brightening up your indoor spaces, this plug simplifies the process. Additionally, explore our extensive collection of Wire Spool Connectors in the Connectors category, including Wire Spool Connectors with various sizes and configurations to meet all your lighting needs.

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Fits C7 & C9 cord

Explore our collection of essential accessories for hassle-free holiday decorating, including the Male Slide Plug Green. At our dedicated e-commerce store, we prioritize offering top-quality Christmas lights and accessories to simplify your festive preparations.
Designed to seamlessly fit C7 & C9 cords, the Male Slide Plug Green ensures compatibility and effortless use. Whether you’re adorning your outdoor spaces with dazzling displays or creating a cozy indoor holiday atmosphere, these connectors simplify the setup process. Their user-friendly design allows for quick and secure attachment of your lights, eliminating the frustration of dealing with complicated connections.
Beyond their practicality, these Male Slide Plugs are built to withstand the demands of holiday decorating. Their durability guarantees a reliable connection throughout the festive season and beyond, so you can enjoy your holiday decorations worry-free. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of struggling with unreliable connectors or incompatible cords – our Male Slide Plug Green is here to streamline your decorating experience.

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Male Slide Plug Green
Original price was: $1.00.Current price is: $0.65.
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