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Holiday Bright Lights offers a dazzling array of RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights, boasting Commercial Grade quality, waterproof reliability, and an impressive 3-year warranty. These vibrant Mini Lights will effortlessly transform any home or business, ensuring they stand out amidst the competition. Our lights surpass ordinary retail store options, delivering superior brightness and quality that professional decorators demand for a durable, dependable, and uniform lighting solution. Rest assured, these RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights will exceed your expectations, leaving you thoroughly impressed.

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  • 50 Light Blue mini LED Lights spaced 6″ apart on green wire
  • Balled for easy decorating
  • Safely connect to 40 strings end to end into one outlet or extension cord
  • Bulb life of 50,000 hours
  • UL rated for outdoor and indoor usage
  • IP R65 for waterproof protection.
  • Case Quantity: 12
  • Standard plug works in any 110/120 outlet

Discover the enchanting world of RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights, the perfect addition to your holiday décor, available at our dedicated e-commerce store for Christmas lights. We take pride in offering top-quality lighting solutions that will make your festive season truly magical.
Our RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights come in a set of 50, with each light thoughtfully spaced 6 inches apart on a sturdy green wire. This meticulous design simplifies your decorating process, whether you’re wrapping them around your Christmas tree, weaving them through garlands, or enhancing your indoor décor. These Mini Lights offer unmatched versatility, allowing you to customize your holiday displays to perfection.
Safety and convenience are paramount, and our RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights are designed to meet these expectations. You can confidently connect up to 40 strings end to end into a single outlet or extension cord, ensuring a seamless and brilliantly illuminated display throughout your space. With an impressive bulb life of 50,000 hours, these lights are built to last for numerous joyful seasons.
Rest assured, our RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights are UL rated for both outdoor and indoor use, meeting rigorous safety standards while providing the flexibility to decorate as you please. They are also equipped with an IP65 rating for waterproof protection, ensuring they remain resilient against the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or sleet.
For your convenience, these Mini Lights are available in a case quantity of 12, simplifying your preparation for all your decorating projects. The standard plug is universally compatible with any 110/120-volt outlet, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
In summary, our RGB 5mm LED Mini Lights offer unparalleled versatility, longevity, and user-friendliness, allowing you to create a magical holiday atmosphere with ease. Illuminate your surroundings with the captivating charm of these exceptional lights and let the holiday spirit shine.

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Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $15.90.
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