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Steep Gear Shorts Various Sizes Available

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Introducing “Steep Gear Shorts,” a crucial addition in our Accessories > Tools of The Trade collection, available in various sizes. These shorts are meticulously designed to play a vital role in preventing severe injuries or even fatalities resulting from falls off roofs. Tailor the fit to your comfort by choosing the appropriate waist size. Moreover, when working in high-risk environments, having the right safety gear is essential for your protection. Additionally, our “Steep Gear Shorts” not only ensure your safety but also guarantee comfort, allowing you to carry out your tasks with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have taken the necessary precautions.

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Worn over top of you pants during roof inspections.

Colored Khaki Tan, embossed in a rubber pattern

False pockets for access to your pants pockets

Elastic leg opening, Leg room zipper. Adjustable waist size belt

Introducing our Steep Gear Shorts, the ultimate addition to your collection of Accessories > Tools of The Trade. Available in various sizes, these shorts are designed with a focus on practicality to make your roof inspections a breeze.
Starting with the features, these Steep Gear Shorts are meant to be worn over your pants during roof inspections. The colored Khaki Tan not only gives them a professional look but is also embossed with a rubber pattern, adding durability and protection while you’re on the job.
What sets these shorts apart is the thoughtful design, including false pockets that provide convenient access to your pants’ pockets, ensuring you have easy reach to your essential tools and items while working at heights. The elastic leg opening and leg room zipper offer flexibility and comfort, adapting to your needs as you move around on the job.
For an adjustable fit, the waist size belt allows you to customize the shorts to your preferred comfort level, making sure they stay in place while you work. These shorts are built with the practicality and functionality that professionals in the trade need to perform their duties efficiently.
When it comes to roof inspections, safety and ease of movement are crucial. The Steep Gear Shorts are tailored to meet these needs, making them an essential part of your toolkit. Choose the size that fits you best, and experience the convenience and comfort that these shorts provide during your roof inspections.
With their durable and professional design, these shorts are a valuable addition to your trade accessories, ensuring you have the tools you need to perform at your best while working on those steep roofs. Don’t compromise on safety or convenience – equip yourself with Steep Gear Shorts, and take the hassle out of your roof inspections.

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Steep Gear Shorts Various Sizes Available
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