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The Pitch Hopper


Introducing “The Pitch Hopper,” a patented roofing tool that’s revolutionizing the industry. This innovative product, featured in our Accessories > Tools of The Trade collection, was meticulously designed and constructed by roofers for roofers. The Pitch HopperĀ® is engineered to reduce daily fatigue and significantly increase productivity. Furthermore, we believe this tool will make a substantial difference in your work, becoming an indispensable part of your roofing arsenal. In addition, it will quickly prove itself as a must-have item for any roofer seeking to enhance efficiency and comfort on the job. Experience the future of roofing with The Pitch Hoppe.

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For Shingled Roofs – Walking Pitch To 12:12 Pitch. The Pitch Hopper is designed to allow a temporary working surface on asphalt roof surfaces for roof pitches ranging from ‘walking pitch’ to 12:12.

Trusted Superior Grip Surface – The superior grip surface uses friction force to keep The Pitch Hopper in place. Its unique wedge shape features one side for lower pitch and one steeper pitch allowing for easy usage and maximum comfortability.

Reduce Fatigue – The Pitch Hopper provides a comfortable, stable surface.

Now available in Yellow! These are cooler to work on and more visible to reduce loss.

Are you prepared to take your holiday decorating to the next level? At our e-commerce store, specializing in Christmas lights and accessories, we’re excited to introduce you to a practical and innovative tool – The Pitch Hopper. We understand that setting up lights on shingled roofs can be challenging, especially when dealing with steep pitches. That’s where The Pitch Hopper comes in handy.
Not only does it provide a temporary working surface for shingled roofs, but it also ensures you can navigate roof pitches ranging from the ‘walking pitch’ to a steeper 12:12 pitch with ease and safety.
What sets The Pitch Hopper apart is its trusted superior grip surface. It uses the power of friction to stay securely in place. Its unique wedge shape offers two sides, one for lower pitches and one for steeper ones. This design ensures your comfort and stability while working on various roof pitches, ultimately reducing fatigue and making your decorating experience more manageable.
And here’s some exciting news – The Pitch Hopper is now available in Yellow! Not only do these additions provide a cooler surface to work on, but they’re also more visible, which can help reduce the risk of misplacement and potential loss.
In our Tools of The Trade section, you’ll find The Pitch Hopper alongside other practical products that make holiday decorating safer and more convenient. We’re dedicated to offering you the tools you need to achieve your decorating goals with confidence.

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Dimensions 11 × 10 × 15 cm
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The Pitch Hopper
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