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25ft Single Plug Extension Cord

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Introducing the practical 25ft Single Plug Extension Cord, designed for your outdoor lighting needs. This extension cord, measuring 25 feet in length, features a single plug and offers 13A, 125V, and 1625 watts of power, ensuring it can handle your lighting requirements with ease. The cord is designed in a vibrant green color, making it suitable for outdoor use, and it comes equipped with a grounded male plug to enhance safety. Perfect for holiday lighting installations, this extension cord is a valuable addition to any lighting project. With a quantity of 12 in each set, you’ll have plenty to accommodate your needs efficiently. Furthermore, these extension cords in Accessories > Extensions are the practical choice for all your outdoor lighting endeavors, ensuring a reliable and safe power source.

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Green outdoor extension cord with a grounded male plug for extra safety. Perfect fit for every holiday lighting installer

• UL Rating Cord

• 16 gauge

• Medium Duty Cord

Presenting our 25ft Single Plug Extension Cord, an essential addition to your holiday lighting setup that prioritizes safety and convenience.
When it comes to holiday decorations, one of the key elements is ensuring that your lights are not only beautiful but also safe. Our green outdoor extension cord features a grounded male plug, adding an extra layer of safety to your festive displays. This cord is designed to perfectly fit the needs of every holiday lighting installer, making it a must-have accessory for your outdoor decor.
Transitioning to the specifics, this extension cord comes with a UL Rating, a clear indicator of its quality and safety. It boasts a 16-gauge construction, ensuring durability and reliability, even when used in outdoor settings. Whether you’re setting up your dazzling Christmas lights or decorating for other special occasions, this extension cord is up to the task. Its medium-duty design strikes the right balance between power and flexibility, accommodating a range of lighting needs.
Now, with the holidays just around the corner, having a reliable extension cord is paramount. This 25ft Single Plug Extension Cord provides the reach you need to connect your lights with ease, eliminating the need for multiple cords and reducing clutter. With the grounded male plug, you can be confident that your festive displays will operate safely.
In addition to holiday lighting, this extension cord is versatile and useful for other outdoor activities and DIY projects throughout the year. Its green color allows it to blend seamlessly into your outdoor environment.
In conclusion, our 25ft Single Plug Extension Cord is a practical and safety-focused solution for all your outdoor lighting needs. Don’t compromise on safety and convenience during the holiday season – make this extension cord an essential part of your outdoor decor. Get ready for a hassle-free, festive experience with the reliability of this cord. It’s the perfect addition to your Accessories > Extensions collection.

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25ft Single Plug Extension Cord
Original price was: $18.89.Current price is: $13.99.
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