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5” C7/C9 Ground Stake

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Presenting the innovative 5″ C7/C9 Ground Stake, a valuable component of The Canny System. This ground stake is specifically designed for use with C7 (E12 base) and C9 (E17 base) bulbs, offering convenience and durability for your lighting needs. The unique offset design simplifies installation, reducing the risk of breakage compared to other stakes. With a quantity of 25 stakes included in this package, you have an ample supply to cover your lighting project. Furthermore, this product seamlessly integrates into the C9 & C7 Bulbs > Clips, Accessories > Extensions category, providing a comprehensive solution for your lighting setup. In conclusion, the 5″ C7/C9 Ground Stake offers an efficient and reliable way to brighten up your space.

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5″ Light Stake from The Canny System
5” C7/C9 Ground Stake:

The 5” C7/C9 Ground Stake is a versatile accessory for your holiday lighting needs. It allows you to easily position and secure your C7 or C9 lights in your yard or garden. The 5-inch length provides stability and ensures your lights stay upright, enhancing the festive atmosphere around your home. These ground stakes are a must-have for anyone looking to create a beautifully lit outdoor holiday display.
Furthermore, The Canny System has designed these ground stakes with durability in mind, making them a reliable choice for years to come. Say goodbye to the hassle of repositioning lights that have fallen over due to unstable supports. These ground stakes will keep your lights where they belong – adding charm and warmth to your holiday decor.
In addition to their functionality, these ground stakes are a breeze to use. Simply position them where you want to display your lights, and you’re ready to go. No complex setup or tools required. The result? A beautifully lit outdoor holiday display that you can enjoy without stress or fuss.
For an easy and efficient way to set up your C7 or C9 lights, our 5″ C7/C9 Ground Stake is the perfect solution. Simplify your holiday decorating process, enhance your outdoor display, and enjoy a stress-free and beautifully illuminated yard. Make your holiday season brighter and more cheerful with this practical accessory.

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5” C7/C9 Ground Stake
Original price was: $0.49.Current price is: $0.29.
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