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C9 Cord Green – 12″ Spacing 1000′ Spool

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With the C9 Cord Green – 12″ Spacing 1000′ Spool, you have the freedom to create custom light sets in any color combination you desire. This versatile spool is designed for both home and business use, providing a commercial-quality solution to your lighting needs. Additionally, our Wire Spool Connectors offer the convenience and flexibility to connect and extend your wire spools effortlessly. Furthermore, these connectors, part of the Wire Spool Connectors > Wire Spools collection, ensure a seamless and reliable connection for your lighting projects. In summary, whether you’re decorating your home or business, our C9 Cord Green spool and Wire Spool Connectors offer the durability and customization you need for a stunning lighting display.

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1000′ green wire with 1000 C9 sockets

12″ Spacing between sockets

Discover the convenience of our C9 Cord Green, available on a 1000′ Spool. This versatile product is part of our Wire Spool Connectors > Wire Spools collection, designed to simplify your holiday lighting needs.
This C9 Cord Green features a 1000′ green wire with 1000 C9 sockets. The sockets are thoughtfully spaced 12″ apart, providing an even and well-distributed illumination for your holiday displays. This generous length allows you to outline your entire property with ease, ensuring your home shines brilliantly during the festive season.
Adding to the practicality of this cord is the durability of the green wire. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, so you can confidently decorate your home’s exterior without concerns about wear and tear. Whether you’re outlining the roofline, creating dazzling displays in the yard, or decorating a large commercial space, this cord offers the flexibility and capacity needed for a seamless setup.
The 1000 C9 sockets provide ample room for C9 bulbs, allowing you to create your own unique and enchanting lighting designs. Plus, the 12″ spacing between sockets ensures an even distribution of light, eliminating dark gaps and creating a mesmerizing, continuous glow.
In addition to its generous length, this cord is easy to manage and customize to your preferred length. You can trim the cord to the exact size you need, thanks to its spool design. The flexibility of this cord makes it a cost-effective and convenient solution for professional decorators, businesses, and homeowners alike.
Our C9 Cord Green on a 1000′ Spool is your go-to choice for creating spectacular holiday lighting displays. This reliable and versatile cord offers the freedom to bring your creative visions to life while ensuring that your property shines brilliantly throughout the holiday season. Simplify your lighting setup with this exceptional product, and enjoy the ease of a well-illuminated holiday season.

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