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Green ZIP Wire 250′ Roll

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Transform your holiday lighting with the Green ZIP Wire 250′ Roll – a robust and versatile 250-foot green wire. Unlike typical strings of lights, this wire doesn’t have fixed sockets, giving you the freedom to place your lights wherever you want. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can customize the length according to your needs since there are no predetermined end plugs. This means you can get creative and design your lighting just the way you envision it, thanks to Wire Spool Connectors > Wire Spools. In summary, this special wire lets you take control of your holiday lighting, allowing you to create a unique and imaginative display that suits your home or business perfectly.

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Green Cord (18AWG) , UL listed for indoor/outdoor use

Introducing our versatile Green ZIP Wire 250′ Roll, a must-have for your Christmas lighting projects. At our specialized e-commerce store for holiday lighting, we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality solutions that make decorating a breeze.
This Green ZIP Wire, crafted with 18AWG cord, boasts UL listing for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring safety and reliability in various settings. It’s the perfect choice for powering your holiday lights, whether you’re creating an enchanting indoor display or lighting up the exterior of your home.
What sets our Green ZIP Wire apart is its exceptional flexibility and durability. With a generous 250′ roll, you’ll have plenty of wire to work with, making it suitable for both small and large-scale projects. Its green color seamlessly blends into your holiday decor, keeping the focus on the lights themselves.
When it comes to installation, our wire is designed for convenience. The flexibility of the wire allows for easy routing and positioning, while its durability ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to the elements.
To further streamline your decorating process, we also offer Wire Spool Connectors, available in our Wire Spool Connectors > Wire Spools collection. These connectors make it a breeze to connect multiple wire spools, allowing you to extend your lighting reach without hassle.
In summary, our Green ZIP Wire 250′ Roll is a reliable and flexible solution for all your Christmas lighting needs. With its UL listing, durability, and versatility, it’s an essential addition to your holiday decorating toolkit. Explore our Wire Spool Connectors to enhance your setup, and bring your festive lighting ideas to life with ease.

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