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Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe

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Discover the enchantment of Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights by Holiday Bright Lights. These remarkable Mini Lights are Commercial Grade and boast waterproof reliability, all secured by a rock-solid 3-year warranty. They are designed to make any residence or business stand out brilliantly, ensuring your space radiates a festive charm that outshines the competition. Our lights, Better and Brighter than typical retail offerings, are favored by professional decorators seeking a product that’s as durable as it is reliable. Embrace the holiday spirit with Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights – your source of illumination enchantment.

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  • 70 Light Blue mini LED Lights spaced 6″ apart on green wire
  • Balled for easy decorating
  • Safely connect to 40 strings end to end into one outlet or extension cord
  • Bulb life of 50,000 hours
  • UL rated for outdoor and indoor usage
  • IP R65 for waterproof protection.
  • Case Quantity: 12
  • Standard plug works in any 110/120 outlet

Introducing the festive Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights, your key to adding a playful touch to your holiday decorations. At our specialized e-commerce store dedicated to Christmas lights, we’re passionate about providing top-tier lighting solutions that infuse your festive atmosphere with warmth and whimsy.
The Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights come in a set of 70, each light spaced 6 inches apart on a sturdy green wire. This thoughtful design streamlines your decorating process, allowing you to effortlessly create enchanting displays both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re adorning your Christmas tree, weaving them through garlands, or enhancing your indoor decor, these Mini Lights offer unparalleled versatility.
Safety and convenience are paramount in our design. You can confidently connect up to 40 strings end to end into a single outlet or extension cord, ensuring a seamless and brilliantly illuminated display throughout your space. With an impressive bulb life of 50,000 hours, these lights are built to endure for countless joyful seasons.
Rest assured, our Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights are UL rated for both outdoor and indoor use, meeting rigorous safety standards while offering you the freedom to decorate as you please. Additionally, they boast an IP65 rating for waterproof protection, guaranteeing resilience against the elements, be it rain, snow, or sleet.
For your convenience, these Mini Lights are available in a case quantity of 12, simplifying your preparations for all your decorating projects. The standard plug is universally compatible with any 110/120-volt outlet, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
In summary, the Grinch LED Red/Green/Cool White Strobe Mini Lights offer unrivaled versatility, longevity, and user-friendliness, allowing you to create a festive holiday atmosphere effortlessly. Illuminate your surroundings with the whimsical charm of these exceptional lights and let the holiday spirit shine.

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