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Flex Clip

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Snag these C9 Gutter clips at this rediculously good price before they are gone. Place the clip on the base of a C9 socket before the bulb is screwed in. Keep these clips on the lights for fast and easy installation next year! Securely fits onto gutters and underneath shingles for a vertical or horizontal display. Decorate like a professional at a cost you can afford!

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Creates a perfect look on the roof

Horizontal or Vertical orientation

Securely fits under shingles or on gutters

Decorate your roofline like the proffesionals do!

The Flex Clip is a flexible and adaptable solution for your holiday light setup. These clips are designed to accommodate various light types, ensuring you can secure your decorations with ease. Whether you’re hanging icicle lights, mini lights, or C7/C9 bulbs, these clips provide a versatile and damage-free way to attach your lights to gutters, eaves, or other surfaces.
Moreover, the Flex Clip securely fits under shingles or on gutters, providing a professional-grade method to decorate your roofline.
Holiday decorating shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be a joyful and stress-free experience. The Flex Clip is the answer to simplifying your holiday lighting endeavors. These clips are perfect for homeowners who want their holiday decorations to look just as professional as those in the magazines.
In our e-commerce store, you’ll find a variety of options to make your holiday decorating convenient and efficient. The Flex Clip is just one example of the innovative and practical accessories we offer.

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Flex Clip
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